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Jhod Kavken

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Jhod Kavken

Source: Stolen Land, pg(s). 15f.

Jhod Kavken is a wandering cleric of Erastil and hunter, originally from Galt, who was drawn to the Stolen Lands by a vision from his god.1


Originally a village priest in his homeland of Galt, Jhod helped to form a lynch mob against a traveler suspected of being a werewolf that had been terrorizing the area recently, killing several locals. Unfortunately, the suspicions were not correct, and a few hours later, a hunter caught the actual culprit, a worg. The church of Erastil investigated the incident and sanctioned Jhod for his role in the lynching; he was saved from excommunication only by the fact that the executed man was found to have been a bandit spy. Accepting the reduced sentence of exile, Jhod traveled up the Sellen to Numeria and then to Brevoy, where he had a vivid dream about a ruined temple of Erastil guarded by an angry, giant bear. Feeling a compulsion to head south, he ended up at Oleg's Trading Post, where he heard word of adventurers with a charter to explore the Stolen Lands, whom he thought might be able to help him find the lost temple of his vision.1


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