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Secret police force
Root out corruption
Regional (Successor States)
Source: Blood of the Ancients, pg(s). 19

The jinyiwei was a secret police organisation within Imperial Lung Wa that was established in the dying decades of the empire. By the time of its demise, Lung Wa was riddled with incredible corruption and political decay, but the rulers of the empire where not unaware of this. They created the jinyiwei to try to stem the tide of this corruption and corresponding decay. The jinyiwei only existed for a few decades and were ultimately unable to reverse the decline of Imperial Lung Wa, which collapsed in 4606 AR.1


Despite its demise, the jinyiwei's methods of investigation have inspired other investigators, who now also go by the name jinyiwei. These modern jinyiwei claim to serve a higher divine mandate in rooting out corruption across the Successor States using the power of their divine mandate to aid in their work.1