Successor States

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Flag of Lingshen, one of the "true scions" of Lung Wa.
Flag of Po Li, one of the "true scions" of Lung Wa.
Flag of Quain, one of the "true scions" of Lung Wa.

The Successor States are a collection of sixteen1 small kingdoms and city-states that used to form the empire of Lung Wa, formerly the greatest nation on the continent of Tian Xia. They are the home of the most populous of the Tian ethnicities, the Tian-Shu, and are located on the far side of the continent from the Inner Sea region, east of the Wall of Heaven.23

Of the sixteen Successor States, the most powerful is Lingshen, followed by Po Li and Quain. These three competing nations are considered the "true scions" to Lung Wa's might.4


After the collapse of Lung Wa following the natural disasters that coincided with the death of Aroden in 4606 AR, hundreds of governors, warlords, noble families, and wealthy merchants began to divide the empire in a massive, continent-wide power grab. Fortunes rose and fell for decades in a series of wars that finally ended with the political situation that exists today.3

List of Successor States


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