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John Compton

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John Compton
John Compton.jpg
Hometown Redmond, WA
Position Developer (2013-present)
Company Paizo Inc.

John Compton is a developer at Paizo Inc., where he works on the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign. Trained in archaeology, John previously served as a venture-lieutenant in the Atlanta, GA Pathfinder Society community and contributed to a number of uncredited campaign resources prior to his hiring. His first credited Pathfinder adventure was Words of the Ancients, released in April 2013.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Inner Sea Combat 1404April 2014 ISC
Inner Sea NPC Codex 1312December 2013 ISNPCC
Library of the Lion 1312December 2013 PFS5-11
Lost Treasures 1411November 2014 LT
Pathfinder Society Primer 1307July 2013 PSP
Strategy Guide 1412December 2014 SG
Words of the Ancients 1304April 2013 PFS4-20
The Ironbound Schism 1509September 2015 PFS7-04
Distant Shores 1510October 2015 DS
Heroes of the Streets 1509September 2015 HotS
Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen (Graveknights) 1506June 2015 PF94
Inner Sea Monster Codex 1506June 2015 ISMC
Inner Sea Races 1509September 2015 ISR
Monster Codex 1510October 2015 MC
Occult Adventures 1507July 2015 OA
Occult Bestiary 1509September 2015 OB
Serpents Rise 1508August 2015 PFS6-98
Planes of Power 1608 August 2016 PoP
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