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Lung Wa

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Lung Wa
Titles Imperial Lung Wa
Languages Tien
Religions The Eternal Emperor

Imperial Lung Wa, the third great empire of the Tian-Shu people, ruled over much of the continent of Tian Xia.

The empire was formed in 4142 AR with the union of ten of the sixteen kingdoms of Shu. Since that time, the empire embarked on missions of conquest, including the annexation of Bachuan in 4302 AR and Dtang Ma after the Seven Year War.[1]

The empire was plagued with corruption and, to the eyes of the common people, the arbitrary whims of a bloated aristocracy. Its treatment of other nations and many non-human creatures, most notably the tengus, was derided by many.[2]

In 4606 AR, however, the death of Aroden caused global catastrophes that precipitated the fall of Lung Wa, which split into sixteen feuding Successor States.[3]