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Imperial Lung Wa
the Lung Wa Empire
Divine monarchy
Lung Wa
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 17

Imperial Lung Wa, or the Lung Wa Empire, was the third great empire of the Tian-Shu people that ruled over much of the continent of Tian Xia.1


The empire was formed in 4142 AR with the union of ten of the sixteen kingdoms of Shu. From its foundation the empire embarked on various missions of conquest. In 4251 AR, Lung Wa was rocked by an invasion of ratfolk from the Darklands realm of Diguo-Dashu, the so called "Empire of the Rat". The ratfolk managed to conqueror over a dozen cities before the armies of Imperial Lung Wa were finally able to drive them back into the depths of Sekamina, sealing at least twenty entrances to the Darklands behind the retreating forces of Diguo-Dashu.2

Lung Wa founded what would become the tengu nation of Kwanlai as a province in 4280 AR, however, due to lack of proper support, it soon became effectively a prison colony for its citizens. In 4302 AR, Imperial Lung Wa annexed the nation of Bachuan, which was then followed by the peaceful surrender of Hwanggot in 4304 AR. Over a century later, Lung Wa failed in its attempt to conquer Tang Mai,3 a disaster which indirectly resulted in the death of the emperor. However, in 4480 AR, Lung Wa tried again, initiating the Seven Year War, which eventually resulted in Tang Mai finally being overcome in 4487 AR.2 In 4606 AR, however, the death of Aroden caused global catastrophes that precipitated the fall of Lung Wa, which split into sixteen feuding Successor States.4

In 4609 AR, shortly after the fall of Lung Wa, a group of former navy captains sailed to the Wandering Isles of Minata and established the floating pirate city of Zo Piaobo.2


The empire was plagued with corruption and, to the eyes of the common people, the arbitrary whims of a bloated aristocracy. Its treatment of other nations and many non-human creatures, most notably the tengus, was derided by many.5 Lung Wa was aware of how damaging this rampant corruption had become before its eventual fall. In its final few decades, Imperial Lung Wa established the Jinyiwei, a secret police force designed to root out and destroy the corruption gnawing at the heart of the empire.6


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