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Ka, called the Pillar of the Sky or Great Father, is a titanic, dormant volcano on the planet Akiton, and the highest mountain in Golarion's solar system, several times taller than any mountain on Golarion. Being a shield volcano, Ka's slopes are very shallow and can simply be hiked up, and it is visible from hundreds of miles away. Due to its height, Ka's peak pokes past the point where the atmosphere becomes unbreathable. The Hivemarket sits along Ka's eastern foot.[1]

Ka is a sacred site to the shobhads roaming Akiton. Shobhad tribes regularly battle for territory and honour along its slopes, and every year, shobhad chieftains and their retinue across the entire planet gather to boast, air grievances, and strike alliances, in the only meeting guaranteed to be peaceful. Those foolhardy shobhads who pass through the breathable atmosphere when climbing Ka (which is called the Test of the Mountain) and return become changed in personality, overtaken by strange fits, and start spouting prophecy; it is unknown if this is caused by some kind of magic or simple insanity wrought by asphyxiation and brain damage. Yet whatever the reason, the mountain-tested are completely fearless, seeing themselves as already dead or reborn; few dare question them, and most afford them great honour.[1]


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