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Kalim Onaku

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Kalim Onaku
Homeland Azir, Rahadoum

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 122

Kalim Onaku was a philosopher in the Age of Enthronement who is credited with bringing about the end of the Oath Wars. In 2555 AR, after more than 50 years of bloodshed and feuding between the faithful of Nethys, Sarenrae and Norgorber throughout northwestern Garund, Onaku led the militia of the city-state of Azir in their efforts to rid the city of all religion.

Citing the philosophy which would become known as the Laws of Mortality, the militia exiled all clergy from the city and set their temples to the torch, successfully and swiftly ending the conflict in that area. Quickly, the rest of the region followed suit, and within five years, all of what is now Rahadoum had fallen in line with Onaku's philosophy, expelling religion from the entire region.[1]