Kataryne Vilimanov

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Kataryne Vilimanov
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Ranger 5
Gender Female
Homeland Kizobran, Irrisen

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 23

Kataryne Vilimanov is an officer in the peasant militia of Kizobran, a small town in the Irriseni province of Hoarwood. Kataryne is the true daughter of Baroness Hedvika and Baron Gorney: rulers of the town who were murdered a few years ago by Baroness Veviane. Veviane is actually the offspring of a boreal green hag and a charmed Jadwiga man. Kataryne has discovered her true identity and plans secretly to pursue her revenge. She wants to restore her proper position in the aristocracy.[1]


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