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Titles General
Gender Male
Homeland Corentyn, Taldor
Died 18th century AR

Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 3

Khastalus of Corentyn was a Taldan general who fought a bloody campaign against the native human and fey tribes of the Arthfell Forest during the turn of the 18th century AR. Once the native groups had been defeated, Khastalus was placed in charge of the new Taldan province of Andoran in 1707 AR, and he founded the port city of Augustana the same year.[1][2][3]


Khastalus' successes against the native humans and fey allowed the Taldan colonists to begin logging the Arthfell Forest for its valuable lumber. By 1750 AR, nearly all of Taldor's naval vessels were built of wood from the Arthfell.[3]