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32,400 humans, 6,480 halflings, 5,400 dwarves, 3,780 half-orcs, 3,240 elves, 1,620 gnomes, 200 aiuvarins, 1,080 other
Democratic council
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 11f.

Augustana is an Inner Sea port city in the nation of Andoran located on Aspo Bay. It is the second-largest city in the nation, and boasts one of the largest shipyards of the Inner Sea region.12


Augustana was founded in 1707 AR by General Khastalus of Corentyn during his campaign against the native barbarian tribes of the Arthfell Forest.13 Due to its proximity to major forests, Augustana soon became an important center of shipbuilding, first for Taldor, and later the Empire of Cheliax. By 1750 AR, it supplied nearly all of the ships of the Taldan Navy,4 but was eclipsed in political importance a century ago when the capital moved to Almas.5


Augustana is located on Aspo Bay in the Arthfell region of southwestern Andoran, south of the Arthfell Forest.1 The small Arthfell River divides the city into a northern and southern section.67

The harbor of Augustana is divided in two parts, the inner harbor, called the "Fresh Harbor", and the outer harbor, called the "Great Salt Harbor". The industrial heart of the city is located around the Salt Harbor, and includes both the civilian and military shipyards and dry docks. Entrance to the Fresh Harbor is restricted to small fishing ships and river traffic by two large bridges: the Fleet Bridge and Market Bridge.6

Augustana consists of seven districts delineated by both geography and socioeconomic stratification.8

Admiralty Hill

North of the Great Salt Harbor, on the northwestern-most tip of the Arthfell River mouth lies the Admiralty Hill District, which is home to a wealthy population of transient naval officers and merchants. It also is the location of Fort Constance, the city's main sea defense, which sits on Admiralty Hill. The giant fortification is the headquarters of Consul Admiral Haskell Whaley, and is staffed by over 1,000 marines. On its battlements sit enormous catapults, ready to fire alchemist's fire on any enemy ship approaching the harbor. Admiralty Hill is the city's westernmost district, and borders the Slopes to the northeast and the Arsenal District to the east.68

Arsenal District

The Arsenal District is located due east of Admiralty Hill on the northern shore of the Great Salt Harbor. Its many docks, moorages, and shipyards service the majority of Augustana's foreign traders. The district is named for nearby Arsenal Island, the official home of the Andoren Navy fleet (see Military below). Arsenal District is probably the safest and best protected of the city's districts, and also contains Augustana's temples of Erastil, Sarenrae, and Torag.68


The Copperdown District can be found on the marshy eastern coast of the Fresh Harbor, and contains most of the city's poorest inhabitants. It is largely an overcrowded shantytown filled with shacks decorated with refuse blown about by the constant wind off Aspo Bay. Most of Copperdown's inhabitants (known locally as Copperdowners) hold temporary or seasonal work, or beg on the streets to support themselves. Those who are employed generally find work in the shipyards, the fisheries, or as longshoremen. The recent growth of Copperdown's population has led to a fierce competition for territory, and the founding of several gangs who defend their small bit of turf, while preying upon the inhabitants of other parts of the district. Copperdown is the city's easternmost district, and borders the Fleet District, Oldtown, and the Shipyard District to the west.68


Found on both sides of the Arthfell River, the Fleet District is both the geographic and commercial heart of Augustana. Here merchants hawk their wares in markets, selling their goods both to the city's citizens, as well as to the many other businesses. Farther from the markets, countless craftsmen labor at their work, making sails, masts, rigging, charts, maps, navigational tools, and anything else the city's immense shipbuilding industry might require. The district is connected by two low bridges, Fleet Bridge and Market Bridge, which span the harbor, and separate it into the Great Salt Harbor and the Fresh Harbor. The Merchant's Council sees to the district's needs and advises the city government on matters of the economy and trade. Fleet District is also the home of the Forester's Endowment, a group of naturalists who advocate for the preservation of Andoran's natural resources, and who are strong opponents of the Lumber Consortium. The Fleet district is surrounded by nearly every other district of the city, the only exception being the Slopes and Admiralty Hill, which lie too far to the west.68


North of the river, sandwiched between the Slopes, the Arsenal District, and Copperdown lies Oldtown, the historic center of the city. It features large squares, statues, fountains, and marble-fronted buildings, and contains much of Augustana's wealthy and powerful. Among its attractions are Andoran's first bank, the temples of Abadar and Gozreh, the now defunct Regent Master's Court, and Aroden's Feasthall. The Feasthall has recently been restored by an ambitious entrepreneur named Bria Chestnut, who hopes to attract a less stodgy crowd to come see Oldtown's historic sites.68

Shipyard District

The Shipyard District is where most Andoran warships are produced. The water's edge is littered with countless docks and piers alongside which float vessels under construction of all shapes and sizes. The hillside behind them is a hive of activity with framing shops and foundries build the mighty vessels of the Andoren Navy. The neighborhood is the southwestern-most of Augustana's districts, and sits on the southern shores of the Great Salt Harbor just west of the Fleet District.68

The Slopes

Located on the northern slope of Aegis Hill, the Slopes District contains some of Augustana's wealthiest manor homes. Most of its inhabitants can trace their roots back to ancient Taldan families, and some are rumored to be part of a secretive elitist organization hoping to restore the lost power of the Andoren nobility: the Seven Houses. The Slopes is bordered by the Admiralty Hill district to the south, and the Arsenal and Oldtown districts to the east.68



In addition to building most of the ships serving in Andoran's navy, Augustana houses the vast majority of the nation's naval might; Arsenal Island houses much of the nation's naval firepower, the approach to which is guarded by Fort Constance, a stone fortification under the command of Andoran's Consul Admiral.16


The shipyards of Augustana produce the majority of vessels in Andoran's navy, as well as ships built for civilian clients. Additionally, the city's numerous docks see regular traffic from foreign traders.16

Augustana saw the establishment of the first bank of the nation of Andoran, the Forester's Endowments, and though it is no longer headquartered within the city, banking remains prevalent within Augustana; the city is currently home to the main branch of the bank run by House Vaylen, a series of catacombs known as the Depthless Vaults.19


Halflings are the second largest racial group in the city after humans, making Augustana one of the main halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region; in Andoran, only Almas, the capital, has more resident halflings. Many Augustanan halflings have successfully fled lives of slavery in Cheliax to work here as shipbuilders and merchants.10


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