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Khemet II

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Khemet II
Aliases Crocodile King
Titles Pharaoh Khemet II, the Crocodile King
Race/Species Human (Garundi)
Gender Male
Homeland Osirion
Died 4678 AR

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 147

Pharaoh Khemet II, known as the Crocodile King was the son of the great Pharaoh Khemet I and ruled Osirion after his father. He was pharaoh from 4649 AR to 4678 AR, and was succeeded by his son Khemet III, the Ruby Prince.[1]

Khemet II inherited his father's magical ability, but not his rulership skills. He preferred to spend his time with his extensive harem rather than deal with matters of state. He died in a summoning accident.[2]

One of his younger brothers was Prince Kasiya.[3]


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