Khemet III

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Khemet III
Khemet III.

The Ruby Prince
The Forthbringer
Source: Inner Sea Magic, pg(s). 6

Ruby Prince Khemet III, the Forthbringer, is the current ruler of the nation of Osirion.1


The prince is not quite middle-aged, with brown eyes in a still-boyish face; some speculate his youthful appearance is the consequence of drinking the sun orchid elixir.1 He cultivates the weak, malleable image his apparent youth inspires.


Khemet III is the son of Khemet II, also known as the Crocodile King, who ruled Osirion from 4649 AR to 4678 AR. Khemet III took the throne after his father died in a summoning accident.2


In 4707 AR, Khemet III instituted a radical new policy for the nation, when he began to open Osirion's many ancient tombs to explorers from throughout the Inner Sea region. He understood that foreign adventurers who traveled there would most likely sell any artifacts they found to local markets in order to make an immediate profit, which in turn would provide a valuable boost to the Osirian economy. In 4714 AR, after the disastrous return of Pharaoh Hakotep I, Khemet reverted this policy, but only succeeded to drive the tomb-robbing business underground.34


Nazmi, a celestial gynosphinx servant of Abadar, advises the prince, who allows the Council of Sun and Sky to manage most of the mundane government functions while he manages the byzantine elemental and planar pacts that underlie Osirion's independence.1

The prince bears two unusual wondrous items as the rightful heir of the Dynasty of the Forthbringers: the Crook of the Ancient Serpent as his rod of office, and the Ruby circlet beneath his pharaonic headpiece, which allows him to communicate with his invisible fire elemental advisor Janhelia.1 Visitors to court often pay to have an endure elements spell cast upon them, in case they find themselves in Janhelia's vicinity.2

He is protected by the fanatically loyal Risen Guard, who are also responsible for the safety of his family. At this time, his heirs are his twin younger siblings Ojan and Jasilia.25


A powerful summoner, the Ruby Prince has negotiated agreements with genies of air, water, and fire, as well as the angelic and fiendish servants of several gods.6 Some observers fear that Khemet III is too embroiled in the politics of the elementals of the desert, and mutter darkly that such entanglements always end badly for mortals.[citation needed]

The Osirian Army has been growing steadily during his reign, but the reason for this military build-up is not known.[citation needed]

In 4679 AR, Khemet III instituted the Laws of Equitable Use in Osirion, putting strict restrictions on slavery, and chartered the Council of Liberated Slaves, putting an end to the slave rebellions that threatened to bring down his father's government.7


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