Kostinnavolus Dalakcz

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Kostinnavolus Dalakcz
Kostinnavolus Dalakcz, or Kostin
Aliases Kostin
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Gender Male
Homeland Magnimar, Varisia
Companion(s) Aeventius Reatés, Gyrd, Shess, Taldara

Source: The Box

Kostinnavolus Dalakcz, or usually just Kostin, owns his late father's small import-export emporium called Dalakcz Durables, situated in Callowcaulk Street in the Beacon's Point district of Magnimar. Kostin has added a covert trade in stolen goods to the founding principles of his father's shop, and is himself quite an accomplished thief.

When necessary, Kostin fights with a sword in one hand, and sometimes a dagger in the other. He has friends in Magnimar, including the wizard Aeventius Reatés, the Ulfen Gyrd, the gnome Shess, and the Pathfinder Taldara.[1]


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