Kralte Grisham

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Kralte Grisham

Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 331

Kralte Grisham is a well-known and liked docent in the Arcanamirium and member of the Wise Council, whose sadism is known by absolutely no one else in the school.12


Kralte is most famous for his ability to create realistic illusions, instantly remember names, and convince even the most bashful student to join spirited debates. Other politicians on the Wise Council are all unaware that his true passion is studying fear and paranoia, and manipulating and destroying minds. He currently focuses on fellow docent and councillor Judae Tarshem, plaguing her mind with the vision of an entity called the Ashen Man to study how much time it takes to collapse a strong mind like hers. However, Kralte has himself started to have even more terrible visions of the Ashen Man, forcing him to stop manipulating Judae. He theorises that someone is aware of his manipulation and is turning it upon him, but his darkest fear is that the Ashen Man is real, and has started to pay attention to him after being used as a tool.1


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