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Ashen Man

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Ashen Man
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Hundun
Gender None

Source: Doomsday Dawn, pg(s). 90

The Ashen Man is a hundun in league with Nyarlathotep. He is aware that countless apocalypses await Golarion and wants to assess those who seek to protect the planet.[1]

In the Inner Sea region

The Ashen Man is attracted to places where potential world-ending events are initiated, such as the actions of Ramlock, or where heroes might try to prevent them.[1]

In Sandpoint, a mysterious man clad in a pale grey hooded robe is selling a vial of ashes that he claims are from the Ashen Man's cloak and grant 'visions of the Forever' to those who rub the ashes across their closed eyes. This merchant is seen only by potential buyers and vanishes without a trace after he sells the vial of ashes. If a buyer follows his instructions, they dream of a supernaturally long life that ends far in the future when the world crumbles to ashes. They then risk feeling watched when near ashes from a fire for the rest of their life.[2]