Wise Council

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Wise Council
Type Ruling body
Leader First Speaker Dhauken Tor
Headquarters Wise Quarter, Absalom
Goals Advancement of education
Scope Local
Structure Council

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 43

The Wise Council is the ruling body of the Wise Quarter in the city of Absalom. Like all the other district councils, the Wise Council manages the day-to-day running of their designated precinct.

As befitting the district, the Wise Council is dedicated to the advancement of education. As such, the Wise Council has the policy of waiving the taxes of any institution dedicating itself to the preservation or distribution of knowledge. Naturally, the Wise Council still taxes students in the community, but schools typically pass such costs onto their novices and thus this does little to dissuade them from expansion.

First Speaker of the Wise Council is Dhauken Tor.[1]


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