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Titles Chieftain
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Orc
Class Barbarian 4 / Fighter 4
Gender Male
Homeland Hold of Belkzen
Organization Bearslayer tribe

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 62

Kroghut is the chieftain of the newly formed Bearslayer orc tribe. The tribe began raiding Trunau's outer holdings in 4713 AR because Kroghut feels the need to show his strength.[1]


Kroghut was the leader of the Broken Spine orc tribe that occupies an abandoned keep in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains known as Heliu's Folly.[2]

A Pathfinder named Eando Kline burned down the Broken Spine's keep in 4707 AR. Chief Kroghut survived the inferno but had to flee to avoid execution for incompetence by his humiliated tribe.[3]