Broken Spine tribe

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Broken Spine tribe
Type Orc tribe
Leader Hogrot
Headquarters Hold of Belkzen
Scope Local

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 33

The Broken Spine orc tribe occupies an abandoned keep in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains, known as Heliu's Folly.[1] The members of this tribe have a deep hatred of humans, and especially of Pathfinders. Their current leader is the bloodthirsty, nearly insane Chief Hogrot although the tribe is led from behind the scenes by their shaman Magra the Mad.[2][3]


The Broken Spine tribe sacked the Varisian town of Urglin in 4518 AR, but was defeated by warriors of the Shoanti Sklar-Quah and Lyrune-Quah at the Battle of the Shadefields the following year.[4]

A Pathfinder named Eando Kline burned down Broken Spine's winter headquarters of Heliu's Folly in 4707 AR. Their chief at the time, Kroghut, survived the inferno but he had to flee in order to avoid his execution for incompetence by his humiliated tribe.[3]