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Heliu's Folly

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Heliu's Folly was one of the westernmost fortresses of the defensive line known as the Sunwall in the Hold of Belkzen.


A mercurial and ambitious Lastwall captain named Waren Heliu used the keep as his personal magical laboratory. Heliu was a summoner who specialized in fire magic and summoning, and summoned and bound a massive thoqqua, an intelligent worm-like creature from the Plane of Fire. He kept it hidden in a subbasement of the keep but overestimated his ability to control the creature. The thoqqua escaped its wards and began a fire that consumed the keep in flames. Heliu was discharged from the Lastwall military and the ruined keep became known as Heliu's Folly.[1]

Orc usage

Since the fall of the Sunwall in 4237 AR,[2] several orc tribes have occupied the keep, and it is currently the base of operations of the Broken Spine tribe.[1]

Recent history

The thoqqua Heliu summoned returned to the subbasement under the keep a few years ago. It is currently in a dormant, reproductive state.[1]