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Source: Bestiary 3 (2E), pg(s). 156

Kuchisake-onna,1 also known as slit-mouthed women, are aberrations formed from the collective malice of people who mutilate women or are obsessive about their appearance. Despite their name, kuchisake-onna can appear in the form of any gender or appearance.2


Kuchisake-onna resemble tall and unsettlingly graceful humanoids. A mask covers a kuchisake-onna's mouth, which is a scarred slit spanning its face cut into a permanent grin of needle-sharp teeth. They wield concentrated emnity that takes the temporary physical form of a separated pair of silver scissor blades.2


When encountering a mortal, a kuchisake-onna asks, "Am I pretty?" This question can bring the mortal being to a halt and potentially paralyze them while awaiting an answer. If the mortal says the kuchisake-onna is pretty, it removes its mask and asks the mortal, "Even now?" If the mortal agrees again, the kuchisake-onna pledges to cut the mortal's mouth to make them resemble it.2

If the mortal disagrees with either question, the kuchisake-onna attempts to kill the mortal with its scissor blades, which it wields with the skill and fury of an experienced swordmaster. An unclear answer can distract the kuchisake-onna.2

Kuchisake-onna compulsively count large groups of small, discrete objects scattered in front of them, such as candies or grains of rice.2


  1. The singular and plural forms are the same.
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