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A Kulenett dwarf.

The Kulenett are a Grondaksen dwarven ethnicity who live nomadic lives in intricate tunnels, known as the Laara,1 below the mountains of Geb.2


Kulenett have deep tawny skin, reddish-orange eyes, and straight, thick dark hair. When travelling above ground, they wear light armor and travelling clothes, including goggles to shield their eyes from the sand.3 They often wear beads and other adornments in their hair, which outsiders assume reflect cultural standing. In actuality, these hair accessories are used to communicate information to other Kulenett as well as a serving as maps of the Laara.1


The Kulenett's underground tunnel network stretches across the entirety of Geb, and few can navigate it without having lived there for their whole lives. No outsider has returned with evidence of the oasis-cities protected by positive energy from Gebbite necromancy and corruption, where the Kulenett claim to live. One of the most notable of these is Ferdoz, which is kept extremely hidden due to the supposed regenerative properties of its lake, which is illegal in Geb.1

Despite their opposition to necromancy, the Kulenett maintain relations with Geb out of necessity.2

Kulenett dwarves are credited with introducing Vudran black powder to the dwarves of Dongun Hold, who intended to use it as a food preservative and seasoning while closed off from the surface. The Dongun Hold dwarves later redeveloped more potent forms of black powder that led to their role in pioneering firearms in the Inner Sea region.4


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