Legendary chimera

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Legendary chimera

Magical beast
temperate hills
Source: Mythical Monsters Revisited, pg(s). 9

The legendary chimera is always female. It has the forequarters of a lion and the hindquarters of a ram. It has a ram head as well as a lion head, and its tail ends in a dragon's head. It, along with the male orthrus, was created by Lamashtu to be the ultimate predator. Some of their offspring became the modern chimera, but these fear and avoid their powerful parents.

In many ways they are similar to chimeras, but they cannot fly as they lack wings. They are larger and far more powerful than their lesser offspring, and they can live for a thousand years or more. They are immune to the ravages of disease and poison, and resistant to magic. The placement of their heads gives them the ability to see all sides at once.

They rarely breed, and usually live in solitude in remote wilderness areas, attacking intruders ferociously. As a result, there are few of these creatures left in Golarion.1