Leonard Centimus

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Leonard Centimus
Titles Duke
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Half-elf (Taldan)
Class Aristocrat 5
Gender Male
Homeland Tandak Prefecture, Taldor

Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 13

Duke Leonard Centimus is an attending duke of Grand Duchess Cisera Tiberan, ruler of Taldor's Tandak prefecture. As an attending duke, Leonard serves the grand duchess directly and does not govern lands himself.[1]

Duke Centimus is an intellectual, tinkerer, and accomplished administrator, though at times awkward with people.[1]


Duke Centimus has the pointed ears of his elven heritage, a round face, chubby cheeks from some recent weight gain, dark hair and eyes, and a medium brown complexion.[1][2]

Personality and Background

Leonard delights in tinkering and enjoys discussing engineering in general, possible future improvements to his chair in particular, or any recent upgrades he has made to his chair. A good administrator, he has a keen interest in the world outside Taldor and hopes to visit Goka, the birthplace of his great grandfather.[1]

Since losing the use of his legs in a riding accident, Leonard has refused divine healing that might restore their use and has taken great pride in the design of his wheelchair, frequently redesigning his chair himself, as well as paying for artistic enhancements to be added.[1]


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