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Nation River Kingdoms
Region Lambreth
Size Large town
Population 2,977
Demographics Human 75%, half-elf 11%, gnome 8%, elf 5%, other 1%
Government Dictatorship
Alignment Neutral evil
Ruler Lord Kamdyn Arnefax
Leader Luana Laken, mayor

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23f.

Maashinelle is the largest settlement in Lambreth and serves as the seat of power for its dictator, Lord Kamdyn Arnefax. The town lies in the lowlands near the Sellen River and has a large dockside along the water. Farms, ranches, vineyards, animal trainers, inns, and blacksmiths can all be found in Maashinelle, but the town's most famous export is soft wool known as "Cullerton wool."[1]

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Maashinelle was founded by the Cullerton family in 4355 AR.[2]


Luana Laken is the current mayor of Maashinelle.[2]

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