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A paladin's longsword.

A longsword is a bladed sword about 3½ feet in length.1

On Golarion

Longswords are common weapons in the Inner Sea region, though individual regions interpret its basic form differently.

  • Andoran: While Andoren longswords take cues from Taldan and Chelish designs, they also feature eagle-inspired motifs.2
  • Cheliax: Two styles of longsword—minimalist and infernally inspired—dominate the devil-haunted empire.2
  • Irrisen: The land of winter witches combines the unfettered designs of its neighbors with ornate hilts featuring knotwork or ritualistic designs.2
  • Mendev: The crusaders facing demons of the Worldwound prefer tough, functional, and intimidating blades, with some even using weapons that ape demonic traits or are recovered from demons themselves.2
  • Numeria: This land of barbarism and technology inspires longswords that mimic the shapes and traits of truly technological weapons.2
  • Osirion: With its long history, this region's statues inspire classic longsword designs artificially aged to look older.2
  • Qadira: Longswords from this desert nation represent a blend of cultures it has encountered, resulting in simple blades with decorated crossguards, hafts, or handles.2
  • Taldor: Rapidly shifting fashion trends shape Taldan swords, which favor lavish appearance over function.2

Notable longswords


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