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Type Animal
CR 1/2
Environment Temperate mountains
Adjective Aquiline

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 118

Eagles are majestic birds of prey typically found in high mountains, where they nest on cliffsides or in high trees. They are typically brown in color, and some sport white heads and tails. Numerous species of eagle exist.1

Eagle-like creatures

Giant eagles resemble otherwise normal eagles grown to gigantic sizes, with wingspans of up to thirty feet.1 Ercinees also resemble giant eagles, but with brilliantly colored feathers.2


Eagles are predators, and feed chiefly on fish and small ground-dwelling animals, although they have been known to take significantly larger prey. They tend to lay two eggs every nesting season; once the eggs hatch, the stronger chick will typically cannibalize its sibling.1

In religion

Eagles are the sacred animals of the god Easivra, himself referred to as the Dawn Eagle,3 and of the empyreal lord Vildeis.4

Golden eagles are also among the favored animals of Abadar, Iomedae, and Cayden Cailean.5

On Golarion

Eagles, both regular and giant, fly over the Ketz Desert in Qadira.6


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