Lord Stillborn

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Lord Stillborn
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Pickled punk
Class Rogue 6 / Assassin 10 / Trickster 4
Gender Male
Homeland Iz, Worldwound
Deity Sifkesh

Source: City of Locusts, pg(s). 32

Lord Stillborn is a pickled punk born to a long-dead ash giant priestess of the demon lord Sifkesh. Like his mother, he is a devotee of Sifkesh, but has chosen to associate himself with the Filleted Man (a servant of Areelu Vorlesh, and Deskari by proxy) to see what happens to the Worldwound. He is fond of storing his victims in cells for later recreational vivisection and torture, and each cell is decorated with the victim's non-essential organs.[1]


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