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Nation Worldwound
Region The Wounded Lands
Size Abandonded
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Khorramzadeh, the Storm King

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 22ff.

The city of Iz (pronounced IZ)[1] was the first to fall to the demonic forces which poured out of the Worldwound in 4606 AR.[2]


Once the capital of the barbarian Kingdom of Sarkoris, the city is now the headquarters of the Abyssal forces occupying Golarion. Other demon princes send emissaries to the various "embassies" there, in the hopes of advancing their devious causes. When the Worldwound opened, Iz was located a full-day's ride southwest of the tear in reality.[2] Despite the Worldwound's expansions that threaten Iz with windstorms and earthquakes, the city has so far avoided totally falling into the Worldwound, though two-thirds of the city collapsed into the Worldwound itself when that rift first opened.[3]


Being primarily a habitat for demons, Iz has no real government in the traditional sense. Much like the other major cities of the region, however, it has a single dominant figure whose desires are not contradicted. In Iz's case, this is the powerful balor Khorramzadeh, also known as the Storm King.[2][3]


Iz is close to numerous metal-producing mines, and was the metalworking centre of Sarkoris. This tradition continues today, although the mine workers now suffer under the whips of demonic overseers and have broken all previous production records.[2][3]


The expansion of the nearby rift to the Abyss has led to the entire region becoming unstable. As a result, Iz and its environs suffer from sudden earthquakes and eldritch storms which transform the landscape. This raw chaos makes the area very popular with new arrivals from the Abyss, easing their transition to life on the Material Plane.[4]


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