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Areelu Vorlesh

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Areelu Vorlesh
A representation of Areelu Vorlesh.
Titles The Demon Witch of Undarin
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Half-succubus human
Class Witch 10 / Demoniac 10 / Archmage 8
Gender Female
Homeland Riftshadow, Worldwound
Deity Deskari
Familiar Gimcrak (quasit)
Images of Areelu Vorlesh

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 10

The half-succubus witch Areelu Vorlesh is one of the most powerful denizens of the land known today as the Worldwound. She is best known for having aided the demon lord Deskari in opening the Worldwound in 4606 AR, shortly after her transformation into a half-fiend.[1][2] She has a reputation for conducting vile experiments on those who displease or interest her in some manner.[2]


Areelu serves as Deskari's mouth in the Worldwound. Many of the Worldwound's other leaders are jealous of her position, which grants her great protection and leeway to pursue whichever goals she wants to.[1]


In 4600 AR, when imprisoned in the tower of Threshold for the crime of using arcane magic, Areelu discovered a strange thinness between Sarkoris and the Rasping Rifts, Deskari's Abyssal realm. She contacted Deskari and pledged her allegiance to him in exchange for aid in destroying the land that had betrayed her. She recruited two fellow prisoners, Opon and Wivver Noclan, under the false promise of helping them escape. However, these two managed to discover that their portals led to the Rasping Rifts and undid their magic, forcing Areelu to cast them into the final closing portal.[3][4]

For the next six years, Areelu and Deskari laboured to reopen the gates. In 4602 AR, a horde of tiny demons emerged, overwhelmed the Threshold, killed the wardens, and allowed Areelu to convert many prisoners to Deskari's cult. In 4606 AR, emboldened by the death of his old enemy Aroden, Deskari threw open the portal to create the Worldwound.[4]


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