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Massein Aktep

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Massein Aktep
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Katapesh

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 38

Massein Aktep was an extremely wealthy businessman in Katapesh. When he was involved in a huge scandal, in 4701 AR, implicating him for tax evasion, fraud, and murdering of several prominent guildmasters, the Pactmasters seized all of his holdings and turned his expansive personal dungeon into the city's new gaol, where he is currently imprisoned, in a 5-foot-square cell. His estate has been converted into the Council Hall where the city's guildmasters and other officials meet and it is also houses the barracks for the Zephyr Guard.[1]

Each year the Pactmasters bring Massein Aktep out of his cell and parade him through the city in what is known as the Gaol Parade, to remind the citizens of Katapesh that nobody is allowed to break the law.[1]