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Zephyr Guard
A typical Zephyr Guardsman

Serve the Pactmasters
Source: Heroes of the Streets, pg(s). 17

Though the Pactmasters are rarely seen outside their palace walls, they are keenly alert of all that transpires within Katapesh through their network of spies and active patrols of the Zephyr Guard.1

The Zephyr Guard is made up of diverse ethnic groups and races, but mostly humanoids such as humans, aiuvarins, and dromaars;1 after the Pactmasters abolished slavery in 4722 AR, they also recruited gnolls into the guard's ranks to enlist them in putting down a growing dissent among pesh guilds. The elevation of former slavers to a position of law enforcement, however, only further enflamed revolutionary intent among Katapesh's working class.2

Their unifying feature is their expertise in combat and the precision with which they carry out their duties. A Zephyr Guard squad is usually composed of five elite soldiers and their squad leader. Each squad leader carries a charm of aluum control, which is magically bound to them, making it useless to anyone else.1


The Zephyr Guard are tasked with a number of duties that makes them popular with the city's merchant class:3

  • apprehending magical thieves
  • catching those who destroy property
  • protecting the elite of Katapesh

Punishment for stealing is typically a quick and painful dismemberment. The guards rarely get involved in other crimes such as brawling.4


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