Master of Heresy

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Master of Heresy
Titles Master of Heresy
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Vishkanya
Class Psychic 13
Gender Male
Homeland Warlock Island, Cheliax
Deity Geryon

Source: Scourge of the Godclaw, pg(s). 53

The Master of Heresy is the leader of the cult of Geryon in the Archive of Redacted Histories. Born in Vudra, he originally came to the Inner Sea region around 20 years ago to pursue his sister, who abandoned their family to worship Asmodeus. He never found her, but himself converted to what he considered a superior faith: that of Geryon. Instead of returning home with the double shame, he followed clues that led him to the Archive of Redacted Histories, where the local Geryon cult induced him. He quickly rose in power and became its leader, taking the title Master of Heresy as his own name, as his real name was never revealed to his peers. He prides himself on how much knowledge he controls, but is vexed by how he is still unaware of the fate of his sister, who actually now serves Asmodeus in Kintargo as a 'gardener'.[1][2]


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