Mastrien Slash

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Mastrien Slash

Pirate queen
Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 41

Mastrien Slash was a pirate queen and captain of The Silken Purse. Volume 4 of the Pathfinder Chronicles relates how the legendary Pathfinder Durvin Gest took control of her ship and piloted it around the horn of Garund. Gest abandoned Slash at Garund's southern cliffs, leaving her at the mercy of the ancient matriarchal society that ruled that region, Holomog. However, Slash rose to the challenge and managed to become the nation's leader.1

Her reign ushered in a new era of territorial expansion, which ended in disaster when her forces attempted to invade Geb in 4329 AR.2 The archmage Geb, after whom the land is named, turned most of the army to stone, creating the countless statues known today as the Field of Maidens.31


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