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Type Outsider
(air, elemental, extraplanar)
CR 8
Environment Any (Plane of Air)

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 190

Mihstus are malicious elemental beings native to the Plane of Air. They resemble masses of insubstantial, swirling smoke, allowing them to pass through even the tiniest cracks and fissures, but can extend tendrils from their bodies that harden into sharp, deadly blades; these serve as their primary weapons in combat.[1]

Mihstus are aggressive beings and relentlessly hunt other creatures. In combat, they favor quickly engulfing targets with their gaseous bodies and draining them of their vital fluids; however, they gain no sustenance from this act—the drained fluids are simply ejected from the mihstu's body shortly afterwards—giving rise to the speculation that they engage in this behavior simply out of cruelty.[1]


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