Mindbind figurine

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Mindbind figurine
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) Overwhelming enchantment
Caster Level (1E) 25th
Type Minor artefact
Slot (1E) None
Origin Midnight Isles, Abyss
Affiliation Nocticula

Source: The Moonscar, pg(s). 28

A mindbind figurine is a marble statue that can be linked by a follower of Nocticula to another creature, transforming the target into a sleeper agent. When a mindbind figurine is broken, the victim is dominated, causing it to play its role in Nocticula's schemes. Known victims of mindbind figurines include Runelord Angothane, Erestos Marburran, and Miliana Vistrara.[1]


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