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See also: Ascended and godling

The process of a mortal becoming a divine entity, such as a god, is often referred to as ascension. This term is most prominently associated with the Test of the Starstone, which resides in the Starstone Cathedral in Absalom's Ascendant Court.[1] Mortals who pass the test become deities, known collectively as the Ascended, and their followers celebrate their ascension on holidays called Ascension Day, Ascendance Day, or Ascendance Night.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

However, other forms of ascension are rumored to exist. Irori, for instance, is claimed by his followers to have ascended by achieving physical and mental perfection.[8] Ancient Osiriani texts suggest Nethys ascended through mastery of magic and knowledge that granted him omnipresent senses.[9] The Iron Gods of Numeria ascended through alien technological and supernatural means,[10] while Nivi Rhombodazzle became a godling by trading a gem with Torag.[11]