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Titles Captain
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Homeland Numeria
Organization Technic League

Source: Lords of Rust, pg(s). 65

The wizard Mulrach-Zeer was chosen by Sidrah Imeruss as her second-in-command in the Technic League. He had demonstrated great enthusiasm for what Sidrah taught but it was proved that he was a fearful man who longed for power. In 4509 AR, soon after the group finally began their exploration into Silver Mount, Mulrach-Zeer assassinated Sidrah and then addressed his confederates and declared himself the new head of the Technic League.[1] Despite his extensive knowledge in technology, Mulrach-Zeer and his group spent three more years to breach the metallic walls and enter the Silver Mount, in 4512 AR. The Technic League's exploration inside the Silver Mount has progressed slowly but continuously since then and the group, armed with potent magic and powerful technology, took control of Starfall and began its domination of Numeria.[2][3]


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