Sidrah Imeruss

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Sidrah Imeruss
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Human (Androffan)
Androffan interstellar navy,
Technic League
Source: Lords of Rust, pg(s). 65-66

Sidrah Imeruss was a soldier of low rank aboard the starship Divinity and the sole known survivor of its crash-landing upon Golarion, having endured the disaster in a stasis pod and remaining in suspended animation until she awakened nearly eight millennia later, in 4505 AR. Seeking to find a way to return to her home planet, she traveled to the Silver Mount in hope of recovering a working shuttlecraft from the large fragment of the ruined starship, but like many others found herself unable to physically enter the wreck. She concluded that she would need the aid of allies to escape Golarion, allies that she found among the wizards of Chesed; although they were initially skeptical that a non-mage could know more of the advanced technology than they did, Sidrah's familiarity and expertise with this field and the context and insights she provided proved sufficient to win her a following among the spellcasters.1

Sidrah organized this group, which she named the Technic League, based on the Androffan interstellar navy. She named herself its captain and her second-in-command, a wizard named Mulrach-Zeer, as its first commander. The Technic League grew as a secret society for several years, accumulating new members and resources as it planned an expedition into the Silver Mount, eventually setting off in 4509 AR. However, shortly after the League arrived and encamped, Sidrah was betrayed and assassinated by Mulrach-Zeer, who then declared himself the new leader of the League.1


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