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Candlemere is a lake in the Stolen Lands. Possessing a remarkably clear surface, and surrounded by a great collection of trees, it is well known for the vibrant colors it takes on from the leaves that become trapped within it. In spring and summer, it becomes vibrant green, speckled with bursts of color. In autumn, it becomes orange, yellow, and fiery red, and come winter the frozen surface obscures a deep black that mirrors the inky sky above the lake.

The lake is fed from the Murque River coming down from the Narlmarches and entering the lake from the west. To the lake's north-east is the larger Tuskwater and the two lakes are connected with waters flowing south from the Tuskwater into Candlemere. The Shrike River flows out of Candlemere from its southern banks.1

In the center of the lake stands a small island—hilly, and speckled with willows, and featuring the ruins of an ancient and crumbling tower. On summer nights, witchlights illuminate the tower's crown, and will-o'-wisps are said to hold mysterious council there during the fall season.2

According to local legend, drinking from the Candlemere during certain seasons has particular effects on the drinker, but there is no agreement as to the exact relationship between season and effect.