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Nazir Kalmeralm

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Nazir Kalmeralm

Prince of the Markets
Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 63

The former "Prince of the Markets", Nazir Kalmeralm, used to effectively run the chaotic Bazaar of Sails district of Magnimar, a feat no one else could manage. His disappearance in 4685 AR thrust his then young daughter Sabriyya into the spotlight. In the intervening years she has taken on the title of "Princess of the Markets", a role she has excelled in.12


The truth behind Kalmeralm's disappearance is that he came into possession of a Thassilonian artifact known as the Shard of Pride in 4685 AR. The item's curse caused him to become obsessed with tracking down the other parts of the Sihedron, and in the process he discovered an entrance to the Crow, a massive free-standing piling of the Irespan. Looking for the next shard inside, Kalmeralm was killed by one of the Crow's denizens known as a hungry fog. His body lay there undiscovered for almost 30 years, until it was discovered by another group seeking the shard in 4712 AR.2


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