Neferpatra Ahnkamen

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Neferpatra Ahnkamen

Grand Councilwoman
Envoy for the Dead
First Lady of Laws
Scion Lady
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 7 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 341 (2E)

Grand Councilwoman Neferpatra Ahnkamen is the current head of House Ahnkamen, one of the most well-known noble houses in Absalom, and so properly addressed as Scion Lady Neferpatra of House Ahnkamen. Of Osirian heritage, Lady Ahnkamen is not only a member of the city's Grand Council, but is also the First Lady of Laws, and in charge of training its varlokkur, judges, and ministers who prosecute those who break Absalom's laws with magic. Lady Neferpatra is proud of her heritage, and always likes to wear a few pieces of Osirian jewelry or weapons on her person.12 She is also known to be no fan of the devil-worshipping Chelaxians.3


Neferpatra relieves some of the pressure of holding high office by letting House Ahnkamen's benefactor, Mother Jackal, handle the administration of the family itself. While she chafes at giving so much authority to a ghoul, she is prevented from taking direct action against Mother Jackal by old Ahnkamen pacts.4

Neferpatra spent her youth as a priestess in Beldrin's Bluff at the Spiral Shrine, and still participates there in religious services every week, in spite of her busy schedule. Despite her power, she remains in the middle of the temple's hierarchy.4

During the power struggle to find a successor to the missing Gyr of House Gixx, Neferpatra has kept House Ahnkamen neutral, believing that the judiciary should be impartial.5


Neferpatra has a daughter, Kiya, who attends Blackblade's swordfighting school.6


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