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Titles Immortal Suzerainty of Ning
Land Triaxus
Ruler Immortal Suzerain
Government Absolute monarchy
Adjective Ningese[1]
Languages Ningese

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 34
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The Immortal Suzerainty of Ning is a nation whose territory corresponds to the small continent of the same name, located in the southern hemisphere of Triaxus.[2]


Ning is separated from the Allied Territories and the Drakelands by the vast Sephorian Sea, and has rarely been invaded from the outside.[2]


The ruler of Ning, called the Immortal Suzerain, discards their real name in favour of this title when ascending to the throne. Most Immortal Suzerains have been kind and just monarchs, and rebellions are rare. Despite the lack of invasions and civil wars, Ning maintains a strong standing army to defend country dwellers from the dangerous, fearsome (and sometimes intelligent) wild creatures.[2]


Life in Ning's rural areas is similar to frontier regions elsewhere. When a new village is established, the first building that has to be constructed is a ziggurat where people can hide and magically contact the military when monsters attack.[2]

Residents of Ning's cities are obsessed with honour and station. People are usually polite, but those who disregard the byzantine rules of etiquette (intentionally or not) might find themselves all but ignored. An elite warrior caste, known as ukara (meaning battleflowers), renounce all ties to their previous lives, paint their bodies, and compete in popular ritualised martial sports. They are treated as nobility, but those who fail to prove themselves during their first year are 'encouraged' to move to rural areas and protect the people until death. Taking a ukara consort is considered prestigious among Ningese nobles, and many want the most acclaimed consort possible.[2]


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