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The Allied Territories, or simply the Territories, is a collection of kingdoms, democracies, and theocracies spanning the continent Ora that represent the majority of humanoid civilization on the planet Triaxus. While acting like a single federated unit, this alliance extends only as far as to represent the willingness of these territories to band together against invasion from the Drakelands or other threats. Despite being known as the Allied Territories, it is not uncommon for squabbling over territory, trade, uneasy mergers, wherein one territory swallows the other whole or splitting and dissolving in quick civil wars, to occur. Only when it appears that one of their number will likely conquer several of their neighbors do the other territories step in, with most only going to war when it benefits their territory the most. Some of the most important states of the Allied Territories include: Kamora, where every citizen wears a blade to help defend against the vampiric predators of the southern Uchorae Jungle; Zo, the Port of a Thousand Ships; Aylok, known for their fertile fields being able to breed the best cavalry during the summer years and white-furred horrors in the winter; and Preita, the Scholar's Paradise, a place where gold is valued less than the accumulated knowledge and wisdom within the city proper.12


Ora's population distribution changes seasonally, with whole peoples shifting towards the poles in the summer and towards the equator in winter. While the number of nations and city-states at any given time numbers in the hundreds, the following are relatively permanent and important to the Territories as a whole:12


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