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The Drakelands is the name of a continent made up of a collection of warring states. It would not have been so different from the Allied Territories save for their leadership—most of the Drakelands' citizens are serfs, and lesser residents of the land are humanoid. The leaders, however, are dragons and their savage kin. Dozens of ancient dragons maintain city-states here and engineer whole countries made up of humanoid servitors, while their offspring, dragonblooded humanoids and the strange dragonkin act as the generals and administrators to these ancient wyrms. This arrangement has been in place for generations beyond remembrance and the original reason or cause has been lost to Triaxian legend.[1][2]

Few holdings are lead by good dragons in the Drakelands. The majority are held by chromatic dragons of all colors, while the metallic dragons that have found their way to this world have been hunted to near-extinction. Only the bravest remain now in the company of their peers, while the land is ruled by the savage ferocity of their evil kin. The change in seasons affects the balance of power in the Drakelands: in the spring, the powerful red dragons hold prominence, whereas in the winter years the barbaric white dragons rise to heights of power unimaginable in Golarion's long history. The blues and greens are more active in the summer seasons, and in autumn, the savage black dragons dig in and begin fortifying their isolated settlements for the long brutal winter ahead.[2]

The demonym for peoples of the Drakelands is Drakelanders.[3]


The following locations are found in the southeast corner of the Drakelands, near the border with the Skyfire Mandate:[4]


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