Olomon Venacdahlia

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Olomon Venacdahlia

Count of Ardeal, Lord of Ardeal
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 13

Count Olomon Venacdahlia ruled the Ustalavic county of Ardeal around the time that Ardis was demoted as the capital city of the nation of Ustalav: Ardeal was superseded by the city of Caliphas. However, he is most famous as being Ardeal's ruler at the time of the War Without Rivals.


The count is a member of the House Venacdahlia, the noble family who rule the county of Ardeal.1 In his younger days, the count was smitten by the actress Solismina Croscamille whom he married in 4648 AR making her Countess Solismina Venacdahlia. They had four children, all girls: Lasara, Radania, Opaline, and Floriama.2

War Without Rivals

In 4687 AR relations between Venacdahlia's Ardeal and the neighbouring county of Barstoi broke down when Count Aericnein Neska invaded Ardeal to seize Furcina and started the civil war known as the War Without Rivals. In 4689 AR, Venacdahlia gathered an army to reclaim Furcina. After four years of trench warfare and politicking in Caliphas, in 4693 AR, Neska was forced to admit defeat and retreated from Furcina. Venacdahlia's victory celebrations were short, however, as Neska utterly destroyed the land as his troops fell back. Today, the land is now known as the Furrows: it is a haunted wasteland.34


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