4648 AR

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Age of Lost Omens
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4648 AR in conflicts

  • The people of northern Molthune begin their violent rebellion. Though this begins as a few minor acts of sabotage in and around the lumber camps of the Fangwood forest, it soon blossoms into all-out war led by Irgal Nirmath that eventually leads to the rebels gaining their independence and forming Nirmathas in 4655 AR.123
  • Irgal Nirmath directs rebels to raze Sharpfang Camp, resulting in weeks of forest fires that killed 18 loggers and burned 3 square miles of forests to the ground.3
  • In retaliation for Sharpfang Camp, Molthune retakes Tamran for the third time in two years. They hold it for 6 months before an organized rebel force under Irgal Nirmath, now called Irgal's Axe, retakes it.4
  • Molthune builds Fangwood Keep on the ruins of a previous tower built by Tessarael.53

4648 AR in organizations



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