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Since the creation of PathfinderWiki back in the late aughts, there have been a number of projects named "inclusion initiatives" that were started to motivate and organize editors to include the information from the major campaign setting books in the wiki. These have included the Campaign Setting Inclusion Initiative, The Inner Sea World Guide Inclusion Initiative, and the Lost Omens World Guide Inclusion Initiative.

In each of these initiatives, we created a list of the major topic headings from each of these books. Individual editors would then go through that section of the book and update the relevant page or pages in the wiki with any new information found in the publication, after which they would "sign" the entry to mark that they had completed their work.

With the arrival of The Mwangi Expanse, we now have a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the region that will serve as our definitive source for the history, people, places, and things in the Mwangi Expanse. We have therefore begun The Mwangi Expanse Inclusion Initiative (MEII) in order to transfer all relevant, new information from the publication to the wiki.


Everyone is welcome to participate in the MEII. To do so, simply:

  • Browse "The Mwangi Expanse Contents" section below and pick a subject heading that has not been marked completed. Completed sections are "signed" and dated by the user who completed them.
  • Read the existing PathfinderWiki page on the subject (that the section links to) to make sure you fully understand what information is already present in the wiki.
  • Read the section in The Mwangi Expanse and incorporate any new (i.e. not already existant in the wiki) information into the wiki, IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Please remember not to plagiarize.
  • When you've finished writing and editing new or updated information, please return to this page and add your "signature" to the entry to mark it completed. A shorthand way of adding your signature is to add --~~~~, which is replaced with a link to your user page and the time and date of the edit.

Here are some additional things to remember when working on the MEII:

  • When entering new information from The Mwangi Expanse or simply finding that the existing information accords with it, please add a citation into the text as follows, amending 'n' to be the page number in question:
<ref name="TME-n">{{Cite book/The Mwangi Expanse|n}}</ref>
For more information about citing sources, see Help:Citing sources.
  • Avoid leaving red links in any new information you add. The strength of PathfinderWiki is its ability to connect related topics via hyperlinking. Without that, we're simply a book on the internet.
  • You might occasionally need to judge whether the information you're entering should appear on the article linked to in the contents section, in a related article, in a completely new article, or all three.
A good example of this is when you're entering information about a specific location, such as the sub-section "Free Trade Square" (p. 194) that is part of the section on the city of Bloodcove. Most of the information in this section should be included in the article Free Trade Square, but you'll have to decide what (if any) is important enough to also be included on the Bloodcove page. In addition, this section has information about a woman named Kunari Mobo. Although you might include some basic information about her on the Free Trade Square article, you probably want to include the rest of it in an article specifically about her (i.e. Kunari Mobo). At the time this introduction was written, Kunari Mobo hasn't gotten her own article yet, so you'd also need to create a brand new article for her as a person.
  • Several of the subjects listed below for this initiative have already been either wholly or largely documented. If you were the one to do this, please let us know by "signing" the appropriate entry on this page, and take some pride in that accomplishment! If you aren't sure whether you updated every single fact in a particular category and tidied up its red links, it would be most helpful if you could skim the MEII entry to make sure that this was completed, as by signing your name you're stating that the entry has been fully updated.

The Mwangi Expanse contents

Below are the main headings within the The Mwangi Expanse that we should focus on, along with the pages in which they can be found. Some have been left out because they don't fall within the Scope of the project, such as feats, which are only mechanical "crunch". When committing to a specific topic, please place the {{LOMEII}} template at the top of the root page on the subject to indicate that it is being worked on and by whom. Subarticles do not need this template but can include the {{WIP}} template, should you feel the need.

Reclaiming the Expanse

  • Introduction (pp. 6-7)
  • Exciting, not exotic! (p. 7)
  • Cities and nations (pp. 7-9)
  • Map of the Mwangi Expanse (p. 8)
  • Languages (pp. 9-10)
  • Adventures (pp. 10-11)
  • Threats (pp. 11-12)
  • Random encounters (pp. 12-13)
  • State of Mwangi (p. 13)


People of the Mwangi


Glossary and Index

  • Glossary and Index