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Type Outsider
(extraplanar, lawful)
CR 4
Environment Any (Axis)

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 295

Pavbaghas are a race of divine servitors who serve the god Irori, and resemble white tigers with blue stripes. They are formed from the petitioners of the faithful who have lived enlightened lives of calm, patience, and wisdom.[1]


Pavbaghas are created from the souls of enlightened worshippers of Irori and, as such, are patient, wise, and self-controlled creatures, although they do not hesitate to leap into battle when necessary. They are devoted to serving their god and his followers by patrolling the borders of Irori's realm and watching over sacred sites and important mortal worshippers on the Material Plane. They also enjoy training students and tracking and hunting prey. Like other outsiders, they have no need to eat, so pavbaghas do not kill their quarries; instead, they lay a single paw on them to signify their victory and then allow them to escape.[1]

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