Peace through Vigilance

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Peace through Vigilance
Race/Species Unique celestial gold dragon
Gender Male
Deity Iomedae

Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 83

Peace through Vigilance is a unique celestial gold dragon in the service of the goddess Iomedae.[1][2][3][4]


Still quite young, very talkative, and perpetually restless, the young dragon hardly lets anyone who calls him get a word in edgewise and is likely to take control of situations that he believes play to his strengths. He refers to his patron goddess as "Mother Iomedae", which has created the rumor that he is the offspring of Iomedae and the dragon god Apsu;[2][3] others consider him to be an embodiment of a mutual defensive pact between Iomedae and Apsu.[4] Peace through Vigilance is especially fond of gems, and will likely be friendly toward anyone who offers them to him in exchange for service.[2][3]


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