Peg o' Ness

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Peg o' Ness
Aliases Peg Powler
Race/Species Sea hag
Gender Female
Homeland Varisia

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 38

Peg o' Ness (also known as Peg Powler) is an infamous sea hag who haunts Varisia's Lost Coast. She demands tribute from the local fisherfolk in return for false promises of fair weather and good catches. She enjoys sinking boats, and has been blamed for most of the shipwrecks off Grubber's Hermitage.[1]

She lairs in a sea cave off Hag's Plummet, but has also been known to swim up the Soggy River in search of her favourite prey, innocent children. She has also bred with the locals, leaving half a dozen changelings to be raised by unsuspecting villagers.[1]